Flying in my dreams

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In my dreams, I fly in a “logical” way; I do not fly just by extending my arm like Superman. Flying for me is like swimming underwater. It is like being inside a liquid less dense than water or a gas denser than air. I have to use my whole body to fly. I can ascend only by pushing the air feeling denser than in reality down. Almost as if my heavy clothing made me sink into the bottom of the ocean and I have to use all my four limbs in this struggle against the gravity. In some dreams air feels lighter which makes it proportionally harder to ascend. No matter what, I can not ascend without limits or fly without struggle in any of my dreams. Sometimes I have the strength to ascend as high as the height of two to three people, sometimes as high as an apartment, and sometimes—if I am lucky—as high as a skyscraper. It is almost never possible to reach the clouds. Unfortunately, most of the time I do not even get to ascend as high as the height of couple of people.

I can only fly in a specific dream type in which I run away from evil characters. In these dreams only I can fly. However no one regards my flying as a miracle, rather it is a talent. Sometimes I succeed in my flight from these evil types by flapping in the air to safety. But that is never enough to ease me. I have to get even further away. Those are evil psychopaths with many tricks under their sleeves and they want to harm me, torture me. For this reason, I keep flapping and flapping until I start to forget about why I was running away. This might cause the dream type in which I run away from evil characters to evolve into another dream type which I call the traveler dream type. As I get further away from the danger, the stress starts to leave the body and the dream becomes more pleasant. I see and visit new places and experience new adventures. It is very enjoyable to leisurely fly into unique new lands, however the memory of past adventures and friendships that you have to leave behind makes these dreams a little bit melancholic.